Desktop Users & NEW Users This One’s For You: The Black Friday Deal with 3 Months of Savings


Black Friday Savings for THREE Months

Want to upgrade to Cloud, but it wasn't in the budget this month? Good news! This month, it is - with the Black Friday savings. New users or current desktop users who want to upgrade to Preferred or Ultimate Plus will have THREE months of savings. THREE. Yup, the Black Friday deal that doesn’t end in November. Instead, this deal extends for THREE months. 

Black Friday is it’s own holiday, right? First comes, Thanksgiving, next is Black Friday! In honor of the holiday, we are releasing a very special Black Friday promotion. Although we always celebrate Black Friday at Envision, we’ve never released a deal this good, so hold on to your seats. 

  • Preferred/ Ultimate Plus Packages: $100 off your subscription for THREE months 
  • 50% off Standard Packages 

You thought Black Friday was only for shopping malls, but we're proving you wrong. We love Black Friday as much as the next guy. Need we remind you about the Cloud features? Keep reading below. backhand index pointing down 

Preferred and Ultimate Plus Packages Can Turn an Ordinary Year into THE Year For Your Business

At Envision we offer a few packages to choose from, but our top tiers are Preferred and Ultimate. With 2020 only a few months away, businesses are upping their game. Are you? Having the right software at your business can make all the difference. Do you want to be left behind? Get ahead of the competition with SMS texting capabilities, your own branded app, check-in app, marketing campaigns and MORE with Envision Cloud software. Black Friday is the perfect time to take advantage of the new year coming up and kick start 2020 with software that sets your business apart from the rest.


Our preferred is our 2nd tier, Preferred users are most focused on growing their business with advanced business building and tracking tools. Here's a few of the features with Preferred: 


                    Preferred Edition   
  •  Track company and employee goals                                                            
  • Additional business analysis reports                                                                     
  • Membership options included                                                                           
  • Electronic support & returned calls                                                                      
  • And MORE.                                                                                                  

Although, we love our Preferred package, Ultimate Plus is well, ULTIMATE. Big businesses who have multiple locations or are looking to expand their business quickly, this one's for you. Check out a few features for Ultimate Users: 


        Ultimate Plus Edition

  • Branded MyDash App
  • Online Gift Certificate Sales 
  • 2-way text confirmations included
  • Priority Support
  • And much, much MORE


Need we say more? The clock is ticking, this Black Friday promotion is good till Friday, November 29th. Don’t get left behind this year and use code bfriday19 at checkout for $100 off your subscription for THREE months!