3 Ways To Stick to Your Business Resolutions

As the door shuts on 2017, we thought we'd help you answer some of your business resolutions for the new year! So this way you are going into 2018 focused and ready to have the best year in business your company has yet to see! Sit back and relax while our Envision Business Consultants help you find the keys to success in 2018. Some of these ringing a bell? Tag us in any business questions you may have on social and we'll try to answer them in a future blog post.


Goal #1 Bring In More Business!

Did your salon not bring in as much business as you hoped this year? Are you ending the year flat without any increase in revenue? If you’re struggling with bringing in more business, then look no further than Envision’s Marketing Features. Our marketing truly is your one stop shop! It offers email campaigns, SMS campaigns, service reminders, automated marketing and so much more. Plus, they even create the graphics for you!  You can set up countless campaigns across SMS Text Messaging and automated Email Marketing. Choose from a variety of seasonal and generic templates that can help bring customers back in a big way. The only way to keep them is through staying top of mind, by connecting with your clients through their phones then you can push a text or email at a moment's notice and get them back in for another appointment! Stay top of mind with your customers in 2018 and cross this resolution off early with Envision!


Goal #2 Stay Ahead of The Curve!

Did you know technology is the #1 predicted trend for the salon industry in 2018? (Read our post on this here.) With so many salons competing to be the most modern and innovative, blow them all out of the water with your own custom app! Envision’s team of developers and designers can make your own custom branded app that can live on your clients’ phones. Your clients will have access to booking new appointments in the palm of their hands at all times which helps you stay top of mind.

Did your salon keep up with the latest hair crazes sweeping over Instagram? None of it matters if you aren't consistently having your stylists take pictures of their work in order to get found online then it may be harder than you think to fill up those remaining appointments. You can upload images to the photo gallery in the app so clients are always being shown your latest work and clients can even make appointments and check out all your service offerings available. What more could you ask for?!


Goal #3 To Build Business During The Slow Season After the Holidays!

The end of the year is one of the best times with the holidays and parties your clients will be going to. You have sales on inventory, promotions on services and your appointments are all fully booked! This is truly one of the craziest times of the year and one of the most profitable as well. But like all good things, it eventually comes to an end and January rolls around as one of the slowest months of the year. How do you keep business up after a super busy season? Creating a good couponing strategy will provide a steady stream of new customers and bring in existing clients that previously didn’t consider coming in to get the services done so soon, but may now since it is at a slight discount. Also, starting a discount plan for clients such as senior citizens and military is sure to create a loyalty to your business while making them feel special and taken care of.  While this may seem scary remember the last post rush season after business and how slow your business was, how did that affect your total revenue for the year? Keep those chairs filled and your business busy with a special "10% off for new clients" or "half off your next haircut for referring a new customer" for your current clients. This way, you gain new business while keeping the old and expanding your reach. Remember "couponing makes cents... for your salon!"


Are You Ready?

Now, are you ready to ROCK 2018? Will this be your BIGGEST year in business ever? What are you changing from 2017 to make this the BEST time for your business? Connect with us on social media and tell us your business plans for 2018. We'd love to hear them! If you have any business questions we could answer in a future blog post please let us know by emailing social@ennoview.com and you may see an answer to your most important business inquiries!