Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe



Technology does wonderful things to help make our daily lives better. Our phones keep us connected to family and friends, our smart TVs keep us up to date with our latest shows, and your Envision software helps you run your business effectively.


However, there are always people out there trying to use technology to make your life more difficult. Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Ransomware – these are all terms you may have heard before. It only takes a nasty one of these to cause a lot of trouble and headaches. So here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the game and ensure you’re protected.


1. Backup your data

Make daily backups of your data. This is a standard practice with most software. Envision allows you to run backups to a local drive directly through the software. It’s always a good idea to make backups to a cloud service or an external drive. There are many ways to backup your PC’s files. Check with your local tech to make sure your data is being secured.



2. Be wary of suspicious emails

Email attachments or images are often the most common way that malicious programs end up on your PC. Do not open emails from addresses you don’t recognize or are not expecting. Many email providers turn off displaying images from unrecognized emails, because even images can be coded to download malicious files.



3. Limit non-business related use on your server PC

Your server PC, or PC where the database is installed on, is the most important one to keep protected. If at all possible, it’s best to limit this PC to only business related functions. Avoid using things like Facebook, Email, iTunes, ect on this PC. You can also check with your local tech about setting up security profiles in Windows.



4. Keep your software up to date

Many malicious programs like to prey on unpatched software that they’ve had time to find openings or issues in. Companies like Microsoft roll out updates to cover and correct any issues that may come up. This is especially important in regards to your security software. Most security software updates regularly to keep current with the latest ways that people are trying to affect your PC.