Optional Business Building Tools With Envision Cloud




SalonVision Websites

SalonVision gives your business an easily customized website with pre-created templates to choose from. All of your content is customizable by you, and you can add as many pages as you would like through our simple page editor. Through SalonVision, you can take appointments which will automatically show up in your Envision Cloud appointment book, sell gift cards online, take and display client reviews, and much more. 





Online Gift Sales

If you do not need a full website, and wish to just add online gift certificate sales to your existing website or to your Envision Cloud booking page, you can use this service as an add on option. We offer 50 different gift certificate templates that your clients can choose from. Instantly after purchase, your customer will receive the gift certificate in PDF format in their email, and the certificate will automatically show up in Envision Cloud.






Envision Feedback Surveys

The best way of knowing how to improve your business is by asking your customers. Our survey system allows you to create questionnaires that you can present to your customers to find out how satisfied they were with their visit. People are more willing to be honest when they are not directly talking face to face with you. Because of this, our survey system will help to increase client satisfaction, retention, and will help to find out where your employees need additional coaching.




SMS Messaging

Envision Cloud offers 2-way SMS messaging for your appointment reminders, marketing, and direct messaging. Reduce no-shows by reminding your customers of their appointment a couple days before their appointment. Additionally, if you use the Envision Cloud Ultimate Edition, we have additional options to help bring in repeat business by automatically sending notices to your customers when it is time to have a service performed again. We can also send automatic notices to your customers after their first visit, when their birthday is approaching, or if you haven’t seen them in a specified number of days.





Online Customer Forms
 Do you run a medical spa or have forms that need to be filled out prior to services being performed? Our integration with UpdateMyRecords.com gives you the ability to create forms that your customers can complete prior to visiting your establishment. Once a form is completed, you will be notified of the completion via email. This service saves time for your customers and your front desk staff, while giving you an electronic copy of your forms