Updates and Registration Available to You!



We are always making sure our software is updated and improved. What you may not know, is that these updates are available to you at any time on our website:







When you login to the website, you can click on “Download Your Software.” 


Here you will see a list of the latest updates with a list of the features added in that update, and have the option to “Download Update Now" to get your software up to the newest update.



Not sure what update your software is current on? Just look in the bottom left corner of the software to see your version number. 



Registration Code

Another helpful feature on www.envisionhelpdesk.com is the ability to get your latest Registration Code. When you’ve logged in, simply click on the “New Registration Code” option. 



This will give you the registration name and code for your software, so that you can copy and paste it right into your software. Registering your software is as easy as clicking the “Help” drop down at the top of your Envision software, selecting “Register Program”, then copy and pasting in the information from the Help Desk!



Tech Tip: Move or Repeat a Client’s Whole Day!

When you have a client with multiple appointments in a single day, did you know you can move or repeat those appointments all at once? You don’t need to book each individual appointment separately! Instead, you can use a feature in the Calendar by simply right-clicking on any of the client’s appointments for that day and selecting the “Move / Repeat All Appointments” option. Select if you are Moving the appointments or Repeating them, then select the date you want to Move/Repeat them to. It's that easy!