Are You Texting to Your Potential?



Seattle Sun Tan, a 35-location tanning salon located on the west coast, used mobile marketing to send text message offers and discounts to their customers. In the first 30-days of their mobile marketing campaign, the tanning salon had 4,750 customers opt-in to receive text message offers, which then generated $196,000 in new sales from customers redeeming the initial offer. What’s even crazier is that customers that redeemed the initial mobile offer spent 500% more than regular customers. Not too shabby for a first time SMS marketing push.


Envision clients already know the value of using their software to send out SMS appointment confirmations and ensuring their calendar stays full of loyal, returning clients. But what about other ways to use the built-in text messaging feature to its fullest potential?


Case studies, like the aforementioned example, are a great reference for those times you’re sitting in your office wondering, “What can I do to drive more business?”, “How do I increase my customer base and increase revenue?”, “What can I do differently than the guy down the street?”



Reinforce Your Message - Spread the Love!

Traditional marketing campaigns success or failure is difficult to measure. But, reinforcing those campaigns and messages by integrating a text messaging call to action can give you a much better idea of how good or bad of a job those conventional mediums are working.  Did you read the example? There are plenty more where that came from!  Best part? Today, people read almost every single text they receive…within 4 minutes! No more wondering whether a prospective client even sees (or hears) your message – which happens to be the inherent problem of traditional advertising.  You know that s/he has. All you have to worry about is creating an offer they can’t refuse. No problem, right? You’re creative! After all, it is what you do.




Notify Customers of an Event - Let's Party!

Have an Open House at your salon/spa!  Have a party! Invite all your clients and let them RSVP with a “plus 1”.  Hello referrals!  Partner with local businesses or your local city events coordinator for cross-promotion. Once you have your game plan, get the word out via SMS. And because Envision offers TRUE two-way text messaging, your clients can RSVP (with their +1, aka potential new client) right from their phone.  Following up after the event is just as easy with a quick thank you text. Those thank you’s often result in an additional sale, rebooking, or an opening of the communication channel to create a loyal client.





SMS messages are fast, convenient and effective.  Thanks to Envision, text messaging isn’t just for appointment confirmations anymore. Go ahead!  Get creative!  You’ve got the perfect salon, the perfect clients and now the perfect software to make it happen!