MySQL-More Connections, More Access & More Speed!



Many of you have heard about the big change that came with Version 8 of Envision – MySQL Database. But what does it mean for you? MySQL is our new database starting in Version 8 and it has some fun features that can certainly help your business.



1. Unlimited Connections


Previously, you had to purchase licenses per PC. MySQL doesn’t have those licenses. With MySQL, you have no limit on the number of PC’s that can connect to the data.




2. Connect From Home

With MySQL, you have the ability to connect to your data from home, on the road, or even from the beach while on vacation! All you need is an internet connection, and you can connect in from anywhere.





3. Increase Speed

Envision Version 8 is optimized for MySQL. We’ve made sure Envision is going to run at its’ best with MySQL. From the Calendar, to the Sales Register, to Reports – we’ve optimized each screen to perform as quick as possible!






Tech Tip: Holiday Sales!

With the holidays coming up quick, you may want to offer up some of your retail items at special prices. Envision can help make this quick and easy! In both our Cloud and Installed versions of our software, you can set Sale Prices for any retail item. Just select the item from your inventory list and double click on it. You will see a Sale section of the item, where you can enter in a sale price and limit it to a certain date range. Whenever that item is sold within that date range, it will automatically come up at the sale price instead of the normal price. No more confusion or mistakes at the front desk!